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Tracking the trackers: hand-to-hand politics

Jeff Roe, Ted Cruz’s campaign manager responsible for some nasty campaign tactics, was in the news last week when Cruz had to fire his communications director for dirty tricks. Roe “was among the first local operatives to tail opponents with … Continue reading

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Groucho Marx and the primary season of our discontent

Here are some thoughts for the season, as we all try to make sense of the American way of choosing finalists in our quadrennial elections sweepstakes. And of course, 50 states and 8 territories have their own rules. 1) The … Continue reading

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Supreme Court by attrition?

I had to look this up right away: the Texas ranch where the late Justice Scalia died after quail hunting is not the same Texas ranch where former Vice President Dick Cheney shot a lawyer while quail hunting almost exactly … Continue reading

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The voice of northern winter

Sometimes nature takes precedence over public life and — except for the valiant few such as public works employees, mail carriers, and power company technicians who venture out to restore electrical lines — most of us do our best to … Continue reading

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