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Jeb Bush and the great Republican name-calling tradition

Later note: “Jeb Bush Apologizes to France for Workweek Remark in Debate” by Dan Bilefsky, New York Times, 11/4/15. Good, Mr. Bush (not, as far as I know, Mr. Barrar) has listened to the many critics at home and in … Continue reading

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What else Bernie could have said about capitalism

In Chester County, in Pennsylvania and the whole country, we’re all capitalists. Even those who live in their log cabin on a remote western mountain are capitalists, because they own, or think they own, their house and land, and any … Continue reading

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Concern fatigue: “Somehow this has become routine”

Syrian refugees are drowning at sea and will soon be dying of cold as they try to make their way across central Europe. Palestinian teenagers are knifing Israelis and being shot down by police and others. Ethiopians are starving while … Continue reading

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