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Does political ideology kill?

Does political ideology kill? You bet it does! I’m not just talking about nationalist campaigns that provoke wars like the Spanish-American War of 1898, but about everyday government decisions. Policies on school lunches, Social Security, car safety, drug regulation, flood … Continue reading

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Now what do I do with those political signs and wickets?

Winners exult, losers lament, and all of us wonder what to do with our growing collection of political signs and their metal support rods (AKA wickets). They were so important to sway voters’ minds… maybe… and now?? If your candidate … Continue reading

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Representative government and revolution

Through history, governments mainly promoted the power of a ruling family and aristocracy. The theory on which our country was founded, that government should represent the people and their interests, really was pretty radical, although derived from prior English thinking. … Continue reading

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Eight election epigrams

Half the country hopes he meant what he said and half hopes he didn’t. Just like 8 years ago, but not the same halves. There’s right, wrong, and politics. When questions have only two answers to most voters—right and wrong—politicians … Continue reading

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Is the United States a failed country?

Is the United States a failed country? That term “failed state” (I prefer “country”*) is often tossed around in news reports to describe other countries, the most dramatic of which are predominantly Muslim countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, and … Continue reading

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Tracking the trackers: hand-to-hand politics

Jeff Roe, Ted Cruz’s campaign manager responsible for some nasty campaign tactics, was in the news last week when Cruz had to fire his communications director for dirty tricks. Roe “was among the first local operatives to tail opponents with … Continue reading

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“Trump-l’oeil” and the US political scene

The American still life exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (through Jan. 10) gives a fine view of how not only the art of painting but also the search for national self-definition has evolved. Two centuries ago, when several … Continue reading

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Concern fatigue: “Somehow this has become routine”

Syrian refugees are drowning at sea and will soon be dying of cold as they try to make their way across central Europe. Palestinian teenagers are knifing Israelis and being shot down by police and others. Ethiopians are starving while … Continue reading

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Brief thoughts on the political parties

Some Republicans are loyal to their party because their ancestors fought for the Union, others because their ancestors fought for the Confederacy. Democrats: the coalition of groups that vote every 4 years. The Republican big tent: rich people who want … Continue reading

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Trump, DiGiorgio, and the Big Tent

It’s nice that local Republican chairman Val Di Giorgio has felt he needs to dissociate the Chester County party from part of Donald Trump’s offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants (letter “Local GOP not in line with Trump behavior,” Daily Local … Continue reading

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