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Elaine Brown and the Black Panther movement

There are whole chapters of US history that most of us have forgotten or haven’t even opened yet—which is unfortunate, because the past is all we have to learn from. From early 20th century social agitation and progress in workers’ … Continue reading

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Primary elections, the two-party system, and a bipartisan option

If you’re reading this, you know Pennsylvania has a primary election on Tuesday, May 21. In theory, parties stand for different principles, and primaries give Republican and Democratic voters the chance to choose who best represents their principles. Pennsylvania has … Continue reading

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Selling alcohol without a license? (West Chester, May 4, 2013)

In “Warned, ignored, busted: beer party leads to disturbance”, May 4, 2013, on the recent melt-down in the 400 block of S. Walnut St., the Daily Local News reported that: One witness from the party said people paid $15 to … Continue reading

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Killing workers: business and consumption as usual?

On September 16, 2012, I posted “Burning up workers,” beginning: When a society undergoes disasters, it can learn and change, or not. Our society isn’t so good a changing, at least not for the better, any more…. I really should … Continue reading

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