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Does political ideology kill?

Does political ideology kill? You bet it does! I’m not just talking about nationalist campaigns that provoke wars like the Spanish-American War of 1898, but about everyday government decisions. Policies on school lunches, Social Security, car safety, drug regulation, flood … Continue reading

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Covid-19 brings out underlying weaknesses in US society

Crises bring out strengths and weaknesses in a society; and coronavirus certainly proves the rule. China’s obsessive centralization made doctors and local government officials afraid to reveal the truth, leading to dangerous delays in diagnosis and countermeasures. Italy’s famed fragmentation … Continue reading

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What we need to know about true health care costs

Health care, along with environment and the economy, is at the top of the list of voters’ concerns. I’d like to see the candidates speak about such issues more holistically. It’s hard to put a value, whether monetary or societal, … Continue reading

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It’s not just about the pesticides

Since 2015, with many others, I have been part of the West Chester PA activist group Don’t Spray Me, whose immediate purpose is to cut down on both mosquitoes and the pesticides sprayed to kill them. The Don’t Spray Me … Continue reading

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What we can learn from anti-zika spraying

Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitoes and people. So, health authorities have been working on the twin challenges of eradicating mosquitoes and educating people. Transmission of Zika virus from mosquitoes to people (and vice versa) in the continental US has … Continue reading

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Ebola and MRSA

When an epidemic starts far away, we tend to be in denial. It couldn’t happen here because we have such an advanced medical system, right? No man is an island and no country is a gated community. Do you remember … Continue reading

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John Hanger’s issues are still in play

John Hanger has taken himself out of the gubernatorial race after filing more than twice the required number of signatures. He has been an exceptional candidate because he ran on a number of issues that he has injected permanently into … Continue reading

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5 Dem candidates for governor at Temple Nov. 23

I watched the whole forum and you can find the video here. Pay attention to the note “Video starts at 18 minutes”: you have to move the timer ahead. Interesting format, with a strongly pro-union and pro-teacher audience and two … Continue reading

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The Shutdown: Questions to dispel the smoke

In Washington, diversionary tactics are always in order. Why would the perpetrators want us to grasp something like the limited government shutdown now starting its second week? Let’s rise to the challenge of getting beyond the smoke. What’s the real … Continue reading

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Court upholds rule of law and adultBasic Care

This was fairly big news today: PA Governor Corbett lost another one in court, at least for now. As the Inquirer’s Amy Worden describes it in “Pa. court: Reinstate health-care funding for the poor,” 3/6/13: A state judge has ordered … Continue reading

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