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Wasif Qureshi, Emerge USA, and the Muslim Vote

On November 5 I talked with local resident Wasif Qureshi, chair of the Emerge USA/PA Foundation. What is Emerge USA? Emerge USA started in southern Florida about ten years ago in order to encourage Muslims to take a more active … Continue reading

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George Houser, civil rights veteran, is 99

Anyone reading this knows who Bayard Rustin was. In case you missed the 2012 exhibit on his life and local roots at the Chester County Historical Society, see my observations here. I wrote an earlier series on Rustin, which included … Continue reading

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Richard Wright and democracy at home

I recently read Richard Wright’s Black Boy, an autobiography of the novelist and poet born in 1908, depicting his early life in the South and his years in Chicago, from 1927 to 1937, until he moved on to New York … Continue reading

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Racism and global warming

“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it,” as Mark Twain or someone else famously said. That is how racism is like global warming: We’re still talking about it, and nobody does anything about it. At least, … Continue reading

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Assumptions of the powerless

Today’s ice storm knocked out electricity in my house, in our whole neighborhood. Most of the county (a friend texted us) had no power and it could take days to get it back. We huddled in the house all day, … Continue reading

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Of patience and violence: Why Americans don’t act

Americans are a very patient people. Maybe not in little things: when another car cuts them off in a merge or a guy in a movie theater texts his baby sitter, Americans are quick to open fire. But for the … Continue reading

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More US complaints about China

BEIJING, December 6 — A US diplomat who wished to remain unidentified followed up on Vice President Biden’s December 5 complaint that China is censoring journalists and the Vice President’s remark that “Innovation thrives where people breathe freely, speak freely, … Continue reading

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