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Rep. Costello, Do Your Job!

“Rep. Costello, do your job!” was the first of several chants by the 25 people assembled under his office window on West Market St. on June 27. Then, it was on to “Background checks now!” and “No guns for terrorists!” … Continue reading

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Who will govern the government?

“Physician, heal thyself,” the saying goes. That’s not an easy order, the self-cure. I recall hearing about an explorer who performed an appendectomy on himself, but that doesn’t seem like a practical solution for most of us. “Government, govern thyself” … Continue reading

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Interview with Lindy Li

Recently I interviewed Lindy Li, a Princeton graduate who has been active in Chester County political life. On May 18 you gave a speech entitled “American audacity” at the United Nations World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship [see text here … Continue reading

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