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Justice and other themes

I haven’t had a letter published in the Daily Local for a while; its Opinion page letters do not seem to be running in a progressive or even centrist direction lately. Since I’ve had things to say (other than on … Continue reading

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Cal Thomas as exemplar

My first—and how unworthy!—thought, on reading Cal Thomas, “Four more years of decline for America” in today’s (11/9/12) Daily Local News, was: “Why would anyone read this notorious out-of-it curmudgeon any more?” But wait! Today’s column is extremely useful testimony … Continue reading

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Beware those “independent” groups, once again!

In “Some Minnesota candidates and ‘independent’ expenditures” (Oct. 26), I had a few choice words for the well-heeled purveyors of “issues ads” that just happen to look like candidate endorsements: Why is it these right-wing PACs seem to have it … Continue reading

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AdultBasic and the 41,000 Pennsylvanians who lost health insurance in 2011

I recently got to meet José Parra of Phoenixville, at the Daily Local News’ 156th PA House district debate on October 23. As a personal effort to help low-income people who have trouble finding affordable health insurance, José is spreading … Continue reading

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Romney/Ryan phone banker sheet leaked

Boston Mass., November 3, 2012 In a development that all those connected with any political campaign will appreciate, a fired former volunteer at Romney headquarters has leaked a copy of instructions to those making phone calls on behalf of the … Continue reading

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