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Which sort of Republican are they?

The current extreme-right Republican party owes its origins to the Tea Party movement that first manifested itself ten years ago in actions against taxes and government spending. In Chester County it grew out of earlier groups opposing the peace movement … Continue reading

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PA Republicans Trumped; can they get out of it?

I really didn’t want to write about Donald Trump (except that I recently did about his name, which two generations ago was Drumpf)… or about the Pennsylvania Republican party either. But the current conjuncture is irresistible, now that neo-Nazi leader … Continue reading

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“The Plot against America” by Philip Roth

I recently read The Plot against America by Philip Roth (2004), a gripping historical novel, a genre that I always enjoy for the challenging light that it sheds on both the past and a present that could have been marked … Continue reading

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Comcast, the Koch Brothers, and corporate consolidation

Comcast, the largest US cable company, is in the news these days for planning to merge with the second largest US cable company. As David Hiltbrand writes in “Many questions raised about cable merger,” Philadelphia Inquirer, February 14, 2014: So, … Continue reading

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Why to ignore all ads and candidates financed by the Koch Brothers

There are many reasons to pay no attention to any political ads and candidates financed by the Koch Brothers. One reason is enough: the Koch machine lies. I know, it’s not usual to call people liars head-on. But since it … Continue reading

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