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“I am the enemy you killed, my friend”

“I am the enemy you killed, my friend.” That is, to me, one of the greatest lines of poetry ever. It occurs near the end of Wilfred Owen’s poem “Strange meeting,” which portrays two soldiers, on opposing sides in World … Continue reading

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Richard Wright and democracy at home

I recently read Richard Wright’s Black Boy, an autobiography of the novelist and poet born in 1908, depicting his early life in the South and his years in Chicago, from 1927 to 1937, until he moved on to New York … Continue reading

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Fourteen questions on Syria for the U.S. Congress

Is it worse for a government to kill its own people (Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, China…) or other people (Israel, Palestine, Pakistan, India…)? Is killing people by chemical weapons worse than killing them by nuclear bombs, traditional bombs, guns, drones, … Continue reading

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