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More on free will: who’s responsible when bad things happen?

I’ve been thinking about good and evil lately. Unfortunately, people probably think more about evil these days; at least, our daily newspaper and other news sources certainly do. In “Free will, whose will? Some theological questions for the day” (March … Continue reading

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Iron Jawed Angels, the women’s suffrage movement, and social change

Yesterday evening I was among 50+ people who saw the 2004 movie Iron Jawed Angels at West Chester University. I think even someone who (though everyone should) didn’t care much about the issue–women’s right to vote, and justice in a … Continue reading

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Free will, whose will? Some theological questions for the day

As the news is full of speculation about an election that none of us can vote in, here are my theological questions of the day: Why did a presumably loving God permit evil in the world? Usual Christian answer: to … Continue reading

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Can liberals and conservatives agree? Today’s DLN columnists

Here is a first: I agree with the both Daily Local’s conservative and liberal syndicated columnists of the day, and the liberal and I both agree with Rand Paul! I guess the Daily Local would have to pay extra to … Continue reading

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Court upholds rule of law and adultBasic Care

This was fairly big news today: PA Governor Corbett lost another one in court, at least for now. As the Inquirer’s Amy Worden describes it in “Pa. court: Reinstate health-care funding for the poor,” 3/6/13: A state judge has ordered … Continue reading

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