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Yes, children, there is a Congress

Dear children, It has come to our attention that some of you are wondering if there is a United States Congress. “Why,” some of you are asking, “Should we believe in you when you don’t bring us any presents?” And … Continue reading

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Why the Obama team feared Jon Huntsman

I agree with those who say Huntsman would have been a more formidable opponent to Obama than Romney was. Huntsman actually has some principles, he’s not a talking point guy, he believes in the power of reason and reality-based analysis, … Continue reading

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Gun control and presidential debates, fall 2012

I didn’t recall the subject of gun control being raised in the presidential debates this fall, but it was. There were indeed no references to the terms firearm(s), gun(s) or weapon(s) in the first presidential debate, 10/3/12 and third presidential … Continue reading

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Primary 2012 and the plight of the Republican party

In an ongoing losing effort to keep my paper files in order, I looked into a folder entitled “Republicans,” hoping to be able to throw some stuff out. Instead, I encountered some gems! 1) Gingrich et al. v. Romney, 2011-12 … Continue reading

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Hope and change, hope of change: Remarks on the Nov. 6 election

What does anyone know for sure before an election? Not much, really, except for David Axelrod, who preserved his mustache, and Nate Silver, whose polling analyses have been right on target. If I’d been predicting, I would have rightly picked … Continue reading

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Offshore outsourcing: can it be reversed?

For as long as most of us can remember, our society collectively has been sending work and jobs abroad. I just saw the holiday exhibit at the Brandywine River Museum, including the usual model train display. What struck me there … Continue reading

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