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Yes, Virginia, there is a US Congress but…

December 25, 2017 Dear Virginia and friends, It has come to our attention that you may be wondering if there is a United States Congress. “Why,” some of you are asking, “Should we believe in you when you don’t bring … Continue reading

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An hour with Joe Sestak

A few days ago I attended a fundraiser for US Senate candidate Joe Sestak. Sestak, you will recall, represented the 7th PA district (including part of Chester County) in Congress for 4 years. In 2010 he ran for US Senate, … Continue reading

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Tracking the trackers: hand-to-hand politics

Jeff Roe, Ted Cruz’s campaign manager responsible for some nasty campaign tactics, was in the news last week when Cruz had to fire his communications director for dirty tricks. Roe “was among the first local operatives to tail opponents with … Continue reading

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Admiral Joe Sestak in Coatesville

This morning I was at Admiral Joe Sestak’s street corner meeting in Coatesville. The former Congressman (D, PA-7, 2007-10) is campaigning toward a rematch with the current R Senator. The theme of today’s meeting was “Manufacturing Jobs” with special emphasis … Continue reading

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2010 advice to the President and structural problems

In my files I came across a piece of writing from January 2010 that I don’t seem to have ever posted. I’m going to paste it farther below, because it just shows how slowly things change in our country. Actually, … Continue reading

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The secret Boehner memo on Bowe Bergdahl

From: John Boehner To: Republican Members of the US House of Representatives 5/30/14 Dear Colleagues, Our friends at NSA, who know everything, have informed me that some sort of deal may be in the works for the release of a … Continue reading

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The filibuster and majority rule

Well, at last the Democratic Senators showed some gumption (to use the polite term). It’s not just about politics but about whether the government can function. The Senate sets its procedures and it can change them if they don’t work … Continue reading

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Security, legality, and the least untruthful untruths

I’m really having trouble with the argument that to be safe, we need to violate our own rights, and that we should just trust the government to do it. As Ben Franklin said in 1775, “They who can give up … Continue reading

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Arlen Specter

I was very sorry to hear today of Arlen Specter’s death. There are few public figures on whom views varied so wildly. Maybe that’s because he wasn’t afraid to say what he thought, to say the truth as he saw … Continue reading

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The medieval wing of the Republican party

As a former specialist in the Middle Ages, I thought I was moving on in time by becoming an observer of the contemporary political scene. Ironically, medieval training now becomes relevant, as it turns out that Rep. Todd Akin and … Continue reading

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