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Which sort of Republican are they?

The current extreme-right Republican party owes its origins to the Tea Party movement that first manifested itself ten years ago in actions against taxes and government spending. In Chester County it grew out of earlier groups opposing the peace movement … Continue reading

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Dear School Children, from your Republicans in Congress

Dear School Children of America, Happy Presidents’ Day! Is this a great country or what? We honor an unbroken succession of (mostly) great presidents going way back to our Founding as a nation. In school you may be learning things … Continue reading

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PA Republicans Trumped; can they get out of it?

I really didn’t want to write about Donald Trump (except that I recently did about his name, which two generations ago was Drumpf)… or about the Pennsylvania Republican party either. But the current conjuncture is irresistible, now that neo-Nazi leader … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush and the great Republican name-calling tradition

Later note: “Jeb Bush Apologizes to France for Workweek Remark in Debate” by Dan Bilefsky, New York Times, 11/4/15. Good, Mr. Bush (not, as far as I know, Mr. Barrar) has listened to the many critics at home and in … Continue reading

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My theory on why John Boehner resigned

I don’t think it’s that he is so conflict-averse or so afraid of the extremists in his own party. And I don’t think that, as has been rumored, he just wants to play golf now. He’s younger than Bernie and … Continue reading

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Brief thoughts on the political parties

Some Republicans are loyal to their party because their ancestors fought for the Union, others because their ancestors fought for the Confederacy. Democrats: the coalition of groups that vote every 4 years. The Republican big tent: rich people who want … Continue reading

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Chesco D’s and R’s and the Issues

It seems the Chester County Republican party is starting to worry about Donald Trump. Whatever resonances the leading R presidential candidate might find in certain other parts of the country, it’s pretty clear that his peculiar combination of the cult … Continue reading

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