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Dear School Children, from your Republicans in Congress

Dear School Children of America, Happy Presidents’ Day! Is this a great country or what? We honor an unbroken succession of (mostly) great presidents going way back to our Founding as a nation. In school you may be learning things … Continue reading

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PA Republicans Trumped; can they get out of it?

I really didn’t want to write about Donald Trump (except that I recently did about his name, which two generations ago was Drumpf)… or about the Pennsylvania Republican party either. But the current conjuncture is irresistible, now that neo-Nazi leader … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush and the great Republican name-calling tradition

Later note: “Jeb Bush Apologizes to France for Workweek Remark in Debate” by Dan Bilefsky, New York Times, 11/4/15. Good, Mr. Bush (not, as far as I know, Mr. Barrar) has listened to the many critics at home and in … Continue reading

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My theory on why John Boehner resigned

I don’t think it’s that he is so conflict-averse or so afraid of the extremists in his own party. And I don’t think that, as has been rumored, he just wants to play golf now. He’s younger than Bernie and … Continue reading

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Brief thoughts on the political parties

Some Republicans are loyal to their party because their ancestors fought for the Union, others because their ancestors fought for the Confederacy. Democrats: the coalition of groups that vote every 4 years. The Republican big tent: rich people who want … Continue reading

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Chesco D’s and R’s and the Issues

It seems the Chester County Republican party is starting to worry about Donald Trump. Whatever resonances the leading R presidential candidate might find in certain other parts of the country, it’s pretty clear that his peculiar combination of the cult … Continue reading

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