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PA Senate Bill 3 vs. women’s rights

Can people of all views agree on some facts? No one looks forward to having an abortion; anyone who has had one doesn’t want to have another; and the national abortion rate declined by half between 1981 and 2014 (the … Continue reading

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Women candidates and the two parties

On 9/8/14 the Daily Local News published a letter from me under the title “More women would be good for state and country.” Though I don’t doubt that that title is literally true, what I really said is that “a … Continue reading

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Iron Jawed Angels, the women’s suffrage movement, and social change

Yesterday evening I was among 50+ people who saw the 2004 movie Iron Jawed Angels at West Chester University. I think even someone who (though everyone should) didn’t care much about the issue–women’s right to vote, and justice in a … Continue reading

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Republican candidates comment on Sandy

Washington, 30 October 2012 The extensive damage from hurricane Sandy is the fault of East Coast residents, two Republican candidates for Senate said today, and therefore assistance from FEMA is not warranted. “Sandy wasn’t a legitimate hurricane,” Missouri candidate for … Continue reading

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I know many of us have been mulling this over for years: Why do “pro-life” people usually oppose not only abortion but also birth control, health care for the poor, and pre-natal care for pregnant women? And why do they … Continue reading

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