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Philadelphia’s Big Green Block and why it’s important

On my block in West Chester, last month, workers were boring test holes in the street to discover the best depth for surface water to drain into the subsoil. I said: “But isn’t it all clay down there?” and they … Continue reading

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Eight election epigrams

Half the country hopes he meant what he said and half hopes he didn’t. Just like 8 years ago, but not the same halves. There’s right, wrong, and politics. When questions have only two answers to most voters—right and wrong—politicians … Continue reading

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The triumph of global warming?

The day after the election, an azalea bush in full bloom momentarily distracted me from what happened in Pennsylvania and the country the day before. Because of the fall colors in the leaves, you need to look a bit closely, … Continue reading

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Wasif Qureshi, Emerge USA, and the Muslim Vote

On November 5 I talked with local resident Wasif Qureshi, chair of the Emerge USA/PA Foundation. What is Emerge USA? Emerge USA started in southern Florida about ten years ago in order to encourage Muslims to take a more active … Continue reading

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