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Eight election epigrams

Half the country hopes he meant what he said and half hopes he didn’t. Just like 8 years ago, but not the same halves. There’s right, wrong, and politics. When questions have only two answers to most voters—right and wrong—politicians … Continue reading

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An hour with Joe Sestak

A few days ago I attended a fundraiser for US Senate candidate Joe Sestak. Sestak, you will recall, represented the 7th PA district (including part of Chester County) in Congress for 4 years. In 2010 he ran for US Senate, … Continue reading

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What’s in a presidential name?

We all go through life constructing ourselves and how we wish to be known to others. Even presidential candidates. Quick: which 3 current presidential don’t use the first names that they were born with? And who is Cara Sneed? Keep … Continue reading

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“Trump-l’oeil” and the US political scene

The American still life exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (through Jan. 10) gives a fine view of how not only the art of painting but also the search for national self-definition has evolved. Two centuries ago, when several … Continue reading

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In the Name of Trump

It can be interesting to learn the origins of public figures’ names. For example, knowing that Secretary of State John Kerry’s family name was chosen by his paternal grandfather Fritz Kohn can save us from making assumptions based on his … Continue reading

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