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The F&M poll, the gubernatorial race, and public education

The latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll, which you can download here, shows that, as people have been saying for a long time, Pennsylvanians are not happy with the choice of governor that they made in 2010. That year was … Continue reading

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Which is more important, issues or elections?

You might say: aren’t issues and elections equally important, since elections are about issues?… If only we could count on it! Lately, many national and state elections have been largely about who has more money and who runs the nastier … Continue reading

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Things sure have changed since, over 3/4 of a century ago, my mother spent several seasons (meaning not summers) on a University of Chicago archeological expedition in the land of the Pharaohs. Now Westerners are being evacuated; in fact, much … Continue reading

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Charles Krauthammer and the “fractured” GOP

In “How fractured is the Grand Old Party?” (Daily Local News, 8/2/13) Charles Krauthammer is cutting too many corners. 1) “Chris Christie recently challenged Sen. Rand Paul over his opposition to the National Security Agency metadata program” It’s true that … Continue reading

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