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Interview with Lindy Li

Recently I interviewed Lindy Li, a Princeton graduate who has been active in Chester County political life. On May 18 you gave a speech entitled “American audacity” at the United Nations World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship [see text here … Continue reading

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Women candidates and the two parties

On 9/8/14 the Daily Local News published a letter from me under the title “More women would be good for state and country.” Though I don’t doubt that that title is literally true, what I really said is that “a … Continue reading

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The F&M poll, the gubernatorial race, and public education

The latest Franklin & Marshall College Poll, which you can download here, shows that, as people have been saying for a long time, Pennsylvanians are not happy with the choice of governor that they made in 2010. That year was … Continue reading

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Which is more important, issues or elections?

You might say: aren’t issues and elections equally important, since elections are about issues?… If only we could count on it! Lately, many national and state elections have been largely about who has more money and who runs the nastier … Continue reading

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John Hanger: “Save Our Schools” (West Chester, June 26)

Why are people already talking about an election that happens next year? All you need to do is peruse “Polls show Gov. Corbett’s popularity numbers shrinking,” in Capital Watch, July 2013: In recent days, polls have shown that Tom Corbett … Continue reading

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Why no primary election for jury commissioner this year?

As we can read today in “Judge rules no primary to pick jury commissioners” by Mark Solforo (AP), Daily Local News, 4/5/13: HARRISBURG — A state judge has ruled that county jury commissioner races will not appear on next month’s … Continue reading

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Court upholds rule of law and adultBasic Care

This was fairly big news today: PA Governor Corbett lost another one in court, at least for now. As the Inquirer’s Amy Worden describes it in “Pa. court: Reinstate health-care funding for the poor,” 3/6/13: A state judge has ordered … Continue reading

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