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Which is more important, issues or elections?

You might say: aren’t issues and elections equally important, since elections are about issues?… If only we could count on it! Lately, many national and state elections have been largely about who has more money and who runs the nastier … Continue reading

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Primary elections, the two-party system, and a bipartisan option

If you’re reading this, you know Pennsylvania has a primary election on Tuesday, May 21. In theory, parties stand for different principles, and primaries give Republican and Democratic voters the chance to choose who best represents their principles. Pennsylvania has … Continue reading

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Why no primary election for jury commissioner this year?

As we can read today in “Judge rules no primary to pick jury commissioners” by Mark Solforo (AP), Daily Local News, 4/5/13: HARRISBURG — A state judge has ruled that county jury commissioner races will not appear on next month’s … Continue reading

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