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Gun deaths and public life

In the midst of election turmoil and craziness, it can be discouraging to pay close attention to what goes on in public life. There is so much self-interest, hypocrisy, and meanness. But then, we need to remember that real issues … Continue reading

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I Hear America Shooting

I wrote this “faux” poem about 15 years ago. Some of the references are to events in the second Clinton administration. Sad to say, I could have written it today. I Hear America Shooting “I hear America singing…” — Walt … Continue reading

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Of patience and violence: Why Americans don’t act

Americans are a very patient people. Maybe not in little things: when another car cuts them off in a merge or a guy in a movie theater texts his baby sitter, Americans are quick to open fire. But for the … Continue reading

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Gun control and presidential debates, fall 2012

I didn’t recall the subject of gun control being raised in the presidential debates this fall, but it was. There were indeed no references to the terms firearm(s), gun(s) or weapon(s) in the first presidential debate, 10/3/12 and third presidential … Continue reading

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