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The voice of northern winter

Sometimes nature takes precedence over public life and — except for the valiant few such as public works employees, mail carriers, and power company technicians who venture out to restore electrical lines — most of us do our best to … Continue reading

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The Night of the Bulldozers (Charleston, 3/18/03)

Poetry and politics can meet. “The Night of the Bulldozers” was written twelve years ago this evening, on a trip to Charleston SC, when the then US president announced that the attack against the then Iraqi dictator was about to … Continue reading

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The Eye of the Fire, 9/11

The Eye of the Fire The sky blue Dresden London Manhattan the firebrands the airplanes wayward rise in the sky crazy suns fall twisting and burning the planets the blue skin of the buildings the churches the towers the temples … Continue reading

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I Hear America Shooting

I wrote this “faux” poem about 15 years ago. Some of the references are to events in the second Clinton administration. Sad to say, I could have written it today. I Hear America Shooting “I hear America singing…” — Walt … Continue reading

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