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Republican candidates comment on Sandy

Washington, 30 October 2012 The extensive damage from hurricane Sandy is the fault of East Coast residents, two Republican candidates for Senate said today, and therefore assistance from FEMA is not warranted. “Sandy wasn’t a legitimate hurricane,” Missouri candidate for … Continue reading

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Why do Americans love to forgive and forget?

Here’s what interests me today: Among the many traits that distinguish us from other peoples is our apparently short political memory. Why is this? I just read Frank Rich’s contribution to a New York Review of Books analysis, “The Election–II” … Continue reading

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I know many of us have been mulling this over for years: Why do “pro-life” people usually oppose not only abortion but also birth control, health care for the poor, and pre-natal care for pregnant women? And why do they … Continue reading

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Some Minnesota candidates and “independent” expenditures

I spent some time recently in the Minneapolis area. People there are eager to manifest their views, and some lawns are decorated with 2, 4, or 6 yard signs. It’s a real primer on ideology. There is a referendum coming … Continue reading

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Presidential debate #3

Writing this down in real time. Anything not attributed to a candidate is my own opinion. Romney sounds calm, confident, and collected–as a president should. Good opening statement including “We can’t kill our way out of this mess” (meaning ongoing … Continue reading

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Missionary / Military

Usually, I think candidates need to speak for themselves, as explained in “Three thoughts on campaigns after watching the VP debate” (Oct. 12). But when candidates bring in relatives to speak for them, as Mitt Romney explicitly did that the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on presidential debate #2

Much more interesting and lively than the first. Good job by moderator. Clear focus of policy differences. My comments and questions: Gas prices: do they really depend on US oil production? Do oil producers really respond to supply by lowering … Continue reading

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