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Looking for something good to say about Trump

I think many of us, Republicans included, agree with Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, and John McCain’s vociferous attacks on Donald Trump, whose self-aggrandizement, lack of consideration for other individuals and whole groups of people, and ignorance of public issues and … Continue reading

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Groucho Marx and the primary season of our discontent

Here are some thoughts for the season, as we all try to make sense of the American way of choosing finalists in our quadrennial elections sweepstakes. And of course, 50 states and 8 territories have their own rules. 1) The … Continue reading

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What’s in a presidential name?

We all go through life constructing ourselves and how we wish to be known to others. Even presidential candidates. Quick: which 3 current presidential don’t use the first names that they were born with? And who is Cara Sneed? Keep … Continue reading

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