The voice of northern winter

Sometimes nature takes precedence over public life and — except for the valiant few such as public works employees, mail carriers, and power company technicians who venture out to restore electrical lines — most of us do our best to huddle in warm and windless places.

Here, in honor of the cold and wind, is a 4-line rhymed poem I wrote long ago in Massachusetts:

In around the spruce and hemlocks, snow blows;
with the voice of northern winter, wind whines;
as the sun gives ground to shadow, cold grows;
from the church-white houses’ chimneys, smoke twines.

Winter inside, outside


About politicswestchesterview

Nathaniel regards himself as a progressive Democrat who sees a serious need to involve more Americans in the political process if we are to rise to Ben Franklin's challenge "A republic, madam, if you can keep it," after a passerby asked him what form of government the founders had chosen. This blog gives my views and background information on the local, state, and national political scenes. My career in higher education was mainly in the areas of international studies, foreign languages, and student advising, most recently at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, from which I retired in 2006. I have lived in West Chester since 1986.
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