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Managing water: West Chester and Cape May Point

A Stream Protection Fee will take effect in West Chester in a few months. The online overview identifies the issues the fee will help solve: water pollution, flooding and erosion, and degradation of our storm water pipes, drains, and other … Continue reading

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Cows / freedom / West Chester’s community rights amendment

E. B. White’s essay “Poetry,” written in 1939, starts out: A friend of mine has an electric fence around a piece of his land, and he keeps two cows there. I asked him one day how he liked his fence … Continue reading

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Referendums and democracy, Greece and West Chester

Democracy – politics – oligarchy – … We wouldn’t have those words without the Greeks of over 2000 years ago. The Greeks have been at this governing business for a long time, though the rest of Europe now wants to … Continue reading

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Assumptions of the powerless

Today’s ice storm knocked out electricity in my house, in our whole neighborhood. Most of the county (a friend texted us) had no power and it could take days to get it back. We huddled in the house all day, … Continue reading

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Selling alcohol without a license? (West Chester, May 4, 2013)

In “Warned, ignored, busted: beer party leads to disturbance”, May 4, 2013, on the recent melt-down in the 400 block of S. Walnut St., the Daily Local News reported that: One witness from the party said people paid $15 to … Continue reading

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Hens in West Chester: Why not?

A few months ago I happened to be at a Borough Council meeting where permitting hens in the Borough was discussed. The measure got sent to committee for further talk and elaboration. I see hens are on the PZBID committee’s … Continue reading

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