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Concern fatigue: “Somehow this has become routine”

Syrian refugees are drowning at sea and will soon be dying of cold as they try to make their way across central Europe. Palestinian teenagers are knifing Israelis and being shot down by police and others. Ethiopians are starving while … Continue reading

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The 1911 Triangle Fire, other disasters, and progressive eras

People keep talking about the 1960s as if that were the only progressive period in American history. It’s the only one people who weren’t around in the 1930s can recall, and of course people are very conscious now of Bloody … Continue reading

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Burning up workers

When a society undergoes disasters, it can learn and change, or not. Our society isn’t so good a changing, at least not for the better, any more. Last year, I learned that the movement to honor “International Women’s Day” (every … Continue reading

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