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The Night of the Bulldozers (Charleston, 3/18/03)

Poetry and politics can meet. “The Night of the Bulldozers” was written twelve years ago this evening, on a trip to Charleston SC, when the then US president announced that the attack against the then Iraqi dictator was about to … Continue reading

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Age of Reason over, Bush proclaimed

Six years ago, I wrote the following little political satire. I have often thought back to it and decided to repost it in support of Sue Tiernan’s comment on “Global climate disruption: the latest.” If Al Gore had not been … Continue reading

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Why do Americans love to forgive and forget?

Here’s what interests me today: Among the many traits that distinguish us from other peoples is our apparently short political memory. Why is this? I just read Frank Rich’s contribution to a New York Review of Books analysis, “The Election–II” … Continue reading

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