Rubbing in inequality

Not to dump on the New York Times again after my little who/whom grammar lesson for them but….

Really bad taste department: 4/10/20 p. A5:

• top half of page: “Isolating Against the Coronavirus Gives Rise to a New Threat: Starvation” (online title: “Indigenous Groups Isolated by Coronavirus Face Another Threat: Hunger”). That’s about Colombia, but we know a lot of people around the globe, including Americans are—however you like to phrase it—starving, hungry, or food insecure.

• bottom half of page: Sotheby ads for 2 properties “8 miles to Manhattan,” one for $32,900,000, the other a mere $21,500,000 (both are single family properties in Alpine NJ).

Nothing like rubbing it in to the less fortunate members of the human race, is there?

Or, remote possibility I guess: the person (or computer?) doing the page layout wanted to make a bitter political point about inequality?

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Nathaniel regards himself as a progressive Democrat who sees a serious need to involve more Americans in the political process if we are to rise to Ben Franklin's challenge "A republic, madam, if you can keep it," after a passerby asked him what form of government the founders had chosen. This blog gives my views and background information on the local, state, and national political scenes. My career in higher education was mainly in the areas of international studies, foreign languages, and student advising, most recently at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, from which I retired in 2006. I have lived in West Chester since 1986.
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