“Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million”

I don’t want to advertise for free so won’t name the company, but I recently got this email ad, which is, though, a great advertisement for bringing some sanity to our financial system:

The Private Stock Market Where Mitt Romney Made $200 Million

Millionaire investors like Mitt Romney and Bono have been profiting in this secret market for years…

And now it’s your turn.

There’s a hidden, underground stock market where the super-rich have quietly made their millions for years.

Presidents… senators… rockstars… all have made fortunes in this exclusive private playground reserved for the wealthiest 6%, while small investors were left in the dark, unable to capitalize on some of the biggest growth stories on the planet.

But now you can get in on it, too. We’ve found a secret loophole that gives everyday investors a way in. We’re revealing it in our latest report….

I don’t doubt the existence of “secret loopholes.” Just like for taxes, there are separate systems for the in-people and for the rest of us. “Perfectly legal,” as Mitt Romney says about his tax returns, of course.

Ultimately, when people are spending their time on get-rich and avoid-tax schemes, the real economy–including the “job creators–suffers.

Still, even if you got the same ad, I really don’t suggest you put your hard-earned money into schemes like this. The people in charge will know you really don’t belong to their club.

[Added note Sept. 1: maybe this is the sort of ad we are going to be getting according to the New York Times Sept. 1 editorial “Risky and Getting Riskier“: “Just what grandpa needed. Soon retirees and other investors will be barraged with advertisements for private stock offerings — via mail, cold calling, television, radio, billboards, the Internet and so on…..”]


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Nathaniel regards himself as a progressive Democrat who sees a serious need to involve more Americans in the political process if we are to rise to Ben Franklin's challenge "A republic, madam, if you can keep it," after a passerby asked him what form of government the founders had chosen. This blog gives my views and background information on the local, state, and national political scenes. My career in higher education was mainly in the areas of international studies, foreign languages, and student advising, most recently at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, from which I retired in 2006. I have lived in West Chester since 1986.
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